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    First Austria Republic

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    Nick, You've an Austrian Fatherland Front Badge (Vaterländische Front Mitgliedsabzeichen).   Some claim there are political party membership pins while others say they had several grades representing different responsibilites in the party.  Some are just the center device surrounded by the party's motto, some have an open wreath surrounding the cross, some have white enamel edged with red crosses, some are the same with devices between the arms, of the latter types some lack the center roundel.....   Many types, seem to recall an early BDOS [or similar] journal contains an article describing them.

    On-line sources provide more info on the party and it's insignia.


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    If you dare pics of Austrian 1st Republic I can help.

    Here grade # 2: "Großes Goldenes Ehrenzeichen am Bande" issue 1924 - 1925. From about 1925/26 on the star was changed into the tradtional form. Here an early Rothe star.

    0137-GrK I. Kl.200dpi.jpg

    0146-Großes Goldenes EZ am Band Bruststern 1. Ausf. avers 300dpi.jp.jpg

    0118b-GrGE am Band Stern avers.jpg

    Here a grade # 3 set: "Großes Ehrenzeichen am Bande", instituted in 1926.



    0101-GrEamBand 1. Repp. komplett.jpg

    And a grade # 1 star: "Großstern des Ehrenzeichens", 2nd issue from 1925 on.

    0145a-Großstern 1. Republik Bruststern.jpg

    and a very early grade # 2 handmade (!) sash Insignia.

    0118a-GrGE am Band Kleinod Detail avers.jpg

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    Would really like some expert help. I have accidentally come across something which I believe is from the first Austrian Republic. Could any of the members shed some light?


    Much thanks for any assistance.





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