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    1812/15 Coldstream Guards Napoleonic insignia.

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    Hello Gentlemen, first time user here at the GMIC forum, so here goes. I've recently acquired a framed grouping of 200 year old Napoleonic officer's insignia to the Coldstream Guards and would like your opinions on the value of such a grouping? The frame is on it's way to me so until I have it I can not access the insignia to inspect it or to see if it is named in some manner. I'm putting up the only 2 photos that I have at the moment, but I think that you folks should still be able ascertain an honest value. I see that Thomas Delmar had a similar early oval cross belt plate that sold for 1770 pounds sterling in 2010.Also a UK dealer has already offered me 4,000.00 Sterling on face value. It appears to me that this grouping has been in that frame for a VERY long time!Looking forward to your replies, Respectfully,Pat.

    Coldstream Guards .jpg

    Coldstream Guards 1812.jpg

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    I would say £5000.00 at least. From what i have seen on the internet over the years. I do check daily for Guards items to buy. I would say if they went missing how much would that lot cost to buy nowadays. ? Outstanding collection just a shame its to the Coldstream Guards !


    Pat, could i be cheeky and ask that if you remove the items from the frame. Would it be possible for me to have some images of the items front and back.


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    That is a superb , and possibly unique, set. The only way you would know for sure what it's worth would be to put it into a good militaria auction. If a dealer offered you £4000 it's probably worth twice that!


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    Hi there.


    I have been looking for this sort of item for 40 year's.


    I served with the 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards for 5 year's.


    My Battalion fought at the battle of Waterloo.


    Can I buy this item please?

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