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"Impromptu," eh? :Cat-Scratch: Would like to see what some "time and effort" produce, then! :cheeky:

I agree, these are the sorts of shots that there is a crying market out there for for... oh, CALENDARS, for instance.

Whenever I see magnificent photography like this, I wonder why oh why

NOBODY is out there at shows SELLING calendars or posters to We The Untalented.

Should be much more affordable (for seller and buyer) than books, and have a much more eager market.

Call the business

"Wall References, Inc." and

PRINT!!!!! :beer:

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Just Beautiful. You could almost see how a generation of young men (and women) could have been seduced by the dream and the acoutrements of a Grossdeutsches Reich and a great Crusade for a new Europe. The medals, the regalia, the pageantry, the opportunity for glory, to measure your mettle in combat. No benefit of hindsight for the implications of what you're involved in; the endgame hasn't happened yet. No thought given to the hubris of listening to a Leader who tells you he has a vision that cannot fail. All you have to do is believe... and obey. OK...enough of that. Back to the picts. As has been mentioned, there must be a market for tasteful artistically presented militaria like that. Sort of like what Robert Taylor did for aircraft art. Again, well done! Cheers, Chris B.

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