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    I assume this is a local Church thing.... I am guessing he was badly wounded at Verdun with the 7th Reserve Division and died in Hospital in the weeks that folowed.... nice bronte plaque that had prongs on it, so it must have been mounted somewhere.....plaque.jpg

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    Res.Jg.Btl.4 belonged to 7th Inf.Div.

    Engaged 1916:

    Sind june 1 Verdun (Bois de la Caillette and Bois de Vaux)

    Since july 1 Argonne (Ville sur Tourbe)

    His heavy wound was first published july 19, so we don´t know, if he was wounded in Verdun or almost in the Argonne sector.


    Screenshot (267).jpg

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    Hi, the Argonne is of course also possible, the 4th Komp lost a number of men on the 3.7.16,

    The 251 divisions says they went to the Argonne "about" the 1st of July, so it is difficult to pinpoint. Usually Units leaving Verdun were sent to quieter zones to recover and resupply.

    I wish I had the history of the battalion!



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    Here is a table with award numbers.  The large number of Reuß awards is because Heinrich XXVII Fürst Reuß j.L. was Chef of the parent JB 4.  Anhalt, Sachsen-Altenburg and part of Braunschweig were in the IV.Armeekorps area, so those awards are mostly to native sons, as are likely most of the other smaller numbers of state awards.


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