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    Looking for information on my great-great-grandfather's service

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    I don't think if it's possible to reach any info on his service but I would appreciate any help. His name was Mihajlo Jagodić. I only know he fought in the Battle of Cer, the first allied victory of the WWI. That means he was in the Second or Fifth Army. I also know he died in 1941. Killed by the Croatian Nazi collaborators Ustashas. I also got a picture of him with the two medals.


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    His rank: Zugsführer. 

    Medals: 1908 Jubilee Cross, Mobilization Cross 1912-13. According these he served as conscripted soldier in 1908 and called up in 1912-13. His collar color seems light, so I guess he served in a K.u.K infantry regiment.

    Do you know where/when was he born?

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    All of these settlements were in the territory of the k.u.k 16. Infantry Regiment. They had sulphur yellow collar color.

    I found in the official casualty list a  Mihajlo Jagodić who was born in Ludbreg in 1884. WIA 1915 April, and captured by the Italians 1916 October. However he was only a Reserve Corporal and served in the 96. IR.

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    Do you know did he serve in the Kingdom of SCS/Yugoslavia? If so perhaps something can be dug up, I pulled up couple of personal files for my ancestors from the Military Archive in Belgrade. They have NCO and officers' personal records, and although I didn't find couple of names I was looking for I think most of the files are saved.

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    On 2016. 08. 21. at 19:14, BalkanCollector said:

    My German isn't so good to be honest so I'm having trouble understanding the page on that link. I can only find soldiers which were killed on that link?

    Ok, this is the page of the Czech National Library, in English. Might be easier. The pages are in DJVu format so you have to a program to see it (on the page you can find it)

    You shoud search in the following, all are full-text search, but the OCR is not the best.

    On the first pages of the sheets are a short introduction on all of the main languages of the AH Monarchy.

    Verlustliste (Casualty List) Austro-Hungarian KIA, WIA, POW.


    Alphabetisches Verzeichnis der in den Verlustlisten (Alphabet Index for the Casualty List). Names and Verlustliste sheet numbers only.


    Nachrichten über Verwundete und Kranke (News about the sick and wounded A-H Soldiers).


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    Balkan : Pan Jagodic wears an austro hungarian uniform . The rank zugfuhrer , infantry .the light coloured collar patch could be of pike grey colour the same of the uniform . Isaid so because the pike grey collar patches have at the rear a thin white line and in the photo i see that line . a regiment with pike grey egalisierung was the hungarian IR 69 . one of his battaillons was posted at Castelnuovo in today Montenegro .perhaps Jagodic served in the IR 69 .

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