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    Eastern Front Photo ID?

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    I bought some photos because I espied this one amongst the pile. A great picture that I intend to use as a basis for a painting. It came with more than 40 others that have a variety of shots from sailors to paratroopers but mostly look to be in the wilderness of the Eastern front with some showing winter camo. I'm assuming then a winter shot rather than Africa due to the goggles. Not much to go on but any ideas?



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    And if we go full CSI:GMIC, zooming in on the man's left eyepiece (his left) shows two people stood watching and the one on the right (as you look) doesn't seem to be wearing a uniform. It looks like he is wearing a short dark jacket, light coloured trousers (jeans?) and dark shoes. If we zoom in any further we can probably tell what they had for breakfast : )




    It even looks like his shirt has a motif on it


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    He is wearing what appears to be a Feldmutze which was initially issued in 1943 , and is showing the Heer eagle on his helmet. In 1940 the red, white, and black national colors decal was ordered removed from existing helmets. On August 28th of 1943 an order was issued to no longer apply decals to helmets.......


    Just my 2¢


    Something to look at; the goggles, are they old or new?........








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    Hucks, now that was good :lol: the Bladerunner CSI, GMIC forensic details are obviously the giveaway, why didn't I spot that? I was going on the printing on the back that says BOOTS.

    Searching on the image thingy in Goggles (WW2?) the picture is all over the place but mostly in Flicker and Pinuninteresting. The forums that also have the picture seem to assume that it is period and shows a DAK soldier.

    Lots of forums include it in their Bundesarchive photo lists. Normally these photos would have the little Bundesarchive printing in the margin but I can't find any that have it.

    So, I've searched the Budesarchive for the photo but cannot find it, no matter what search term I use.

    One forum titles the picture "circa 1943, M40 helmet, M43 hat and tan shenagh" - well that's wrong then - it's an M42 to my eyes with single decal. Another titles it "DAK equipped for combat sandstorm, note mesh helmet still in European colour" - combat sandstorm? Blimey.

    I'm probably going for the goggles and covers to be for dust rather than cold, no gloves and loose fitting. But his helmet hanging on his belt including two grenades, the helmet strap wouldn't be lasting very long.

    And those socks! No pack but has a single strap and what's that sleeve badge, one epaulette missing, something stuffed in his pocket, white thumbnail, wire mesh with correct twists? Dunno, still a good picture though. 

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    No worries, all of them are newly printed copies from Boots the Chemist and although the seller didn't say as much, it was pretty obvious so maybe a part pikey. I hardly buy anything original these days so they cost a mere few pennies each.

    I'm continually on the look out for good pictures to help me compose paintings or spark an idea. I know Mr google has access to all areas but having pictures hanging around, in the flesh, spurs me on.

    I'm off to a reenactor thingy (where ze Germans attack on the flat beds trucks behind a real steam train) over the weekend so will keep my eyes open for a girl in heavy DAK gear.

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