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    Pour le Merite for lower ranking officers.

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    A few more. I might have missed some.

    • Hans Markmann, Leutnant, IR 186
    • Kurt Rackow, Leutnant, IR 158
    • Karl Rothenburg, Leutnant der Reserve, 5.GRzF
    • Fritz Rümmelein, Leutnant der Reserve, RIR 87
    • Walther Schnieber, Leutnant, IR 63
    • Emil Trebing, Leutnant der Reserve, IR 370
    • Karl Willweber, Leutnant der Reserve, 2.GRzF


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    Also some infantry Oberleutnants:

    • Cordt v. Brandis, Oberleutnant, IR 24, for Fort Douaumont
    • Heinrich Brinkord, Oberleutnant der Reserve, RIR 92
    • Daniel Gerth, Oberleutnant, Fhr. III./IR 150
    • Hans v. Ravenstein, Oberleutnant, FR 37, promoted to Hauptmann 3 days before the award of the plM.
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    Take a look to the german page Liste der ritter der pour le merite orden . Wikipedia . really the junior officers are a minority along the centuries . there a few strange examples one a neapolitan general other the japanese marshall Nogi who defeated Russia . Enver pasha and the bulgarian Jekov are political examples . 

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    In the aviation group are a small number of observers who were awarded the PLM.

    Leutnant Hans Georg Horn was a former infantry officer who became a flying observer in 1915, and in 1916-1917 specialized in low level ground attacks from the back-seat of a Junkers all metal mono-wing. He was decorated with the PlM in December 1917, and on the same day his pilot was decorated with the GMVK.

    Horn's stuff is in a private collection. ;)

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