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    Need help with restoring this Beamtenband medal bar

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    Hello all,

    Im looking for some help. I try to restore this medal bar.

    1: Eisernes Kreuz

    2: MVK am Beamtenband (which class?)

    3: Hindenburg Kreuz

    4: Jubiläumsmedalle für die Armee 1905

    5: Wehrmacht Dienstauszeichnung (which one?)

    6: Wehrmacht Dienstauszeichnung (which one?)


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    there are several decorations possible. The Beamtenband was given for noncombattants for all classes of the MVK also
    to the fourth and third class of MVO.
    Instead of the Jubiläumsmedaille could be the Luitpoldmedaille 1911, which was awarded with a red ribbon for civilans and the red/green ribbon for military persons.
    The blue ribbon could be for the Treuedienst Ehrenzeichen 25 and 40 years.
    Here my Beamten-bar.


    19.12 (1).JPG

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    Da kannst Du ans BB die 3.klasse bis zur 1. mit Krone hinhängen. Am plausibelsten dürfte die 2.Klasse gewesen sein.

    Eventl. auch ein MVO4X - an den blauen würde ich TD EZ25 und 40 hinhängen.

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    Hmmm... my most plausible choice would be...


    1.) Iron Cross 2nd Class - no real other choice here

    2.) Bavarian Military Merit Cross 2nd Class with swords - this is where it gets interesting. With regards to the 3rd class of the cross, those were actually not to commonly issued on the beamtenband - and I think that the 1st class would be too much of a stretch for someone with no Bavarian long service award. The medal would appear to have hung at the same height as the others, so that would exclude the possibility of a crown. I suppose it could be a Military Merit Order 4th class... but my gut feeling would be to go for the former.

    3.) Hindenburg Cross: Even if it wasnt already hung there, very little other plausible choice.

    4.) 1911 Luitpold Medaille: Once again, I think the lack of a Bavarian long service award makes the 1905 version, whilst not impossible, implausible.

    5 & 6.) Could be Wehrmacht long service award or Treuedienst Ehrenzeichen - a little out of my field this one.

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    That's the medal I'm talking about.


    I ask because the seller called me that he found the Verdienstkreuz. He also showed me a period photo of his grandfather - with a 3 place medal bar. Showing a dark Verdienstkreuz, iron cross and a silverish round medal on the last place. The ribbon on the photo appeared as the same as on the bar above. Beamtenband - iron cross - and the last was dark with light edges.


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    On 1.12.2016 at 16:45, Uffz. Rohleder said:

    Couldn't be the red / green ribbon the Golden Wedding Medal? It has the same ribbon and was awarded in 1918

    Yes it os possible.

    The Jubilemedal was awarded 1905 and the Prinz-Regent-Luitpold-Medal 1911 -1912.

    The golden wedding-meddal in 1924 with the same ribbon as the jubileemedal

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