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    I see these "Gode" awards listed on ebay.de all the time. From a distance and with a crappy picture they look ok. What is the biggest giveaway that they aren't the real deal?

    I was at a show a couple of moths ago and almost bought a medal bar that had an ek2, BMVK2/S, BMVK3/S, and some lesser imperial awards. The BMVK2 was flat on the back with no details. The dealer said it was a wearers copy made for medal bars. Since all the others had details on the reverse side I passed. Was that a Gode?



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    They have cheesy enamel. They are (usually) uniface, with blank, or "stippled" backs. Quality is just awful. These pop up on US eBay and people bid them up.

    (Heavy Sigh)

    If half the people out there who spent money on this rubbish spent HALF on books and learning, they would be so much better off!

    (Sorry, personal axe to grind here. I HATE fakers)


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