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    The Soviet Union A small group of 3 Jubilee Medals

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    Hi,collegues!I want to show 3 Jubille Medals ,one with a certificate.The medal with a certificate was awarded to the director of operettes in hte theatre Nová scéna in Bratislava.Two next were awarded to the Chairman of Trade Union in the Chechoslovak Socialist Republic.Sorry,they are without certificates.Mikuláš

    Snímek 001.jpg

    Snímek 004.jpg

    Snímek 005.jpg

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    Thanks for your interest to this topic..Yes,they vary.I had many 30th a 40th that were awarded to foreign military persons-e.g. Slovak generals,they had in the left side down Участнику войны-To the participant to war but had the signature of Kulikov or Ustinov.The name was typed,not written.Compare the simple 60th Anniversary army.This is for the Ministry of National Defence.A this is for the Soviet soldier.

    I had some of the certificates 30th and 40th  put into Russian forums.If I find I will add here.

    Snímek 012.jpg


    I have found.The certificate for General Pivoluska.The medal is without signature,but look at the certificate-the name is typed,a the signature of Kulikov-Marshal of the USSR.

    This is certificate for military foreign persons.

    But you can find some more information  here-Мондвор.народ.ру


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    Here it is the next Jubilee Medal-50 Years of the Soviet Armed Forsces awarded to one Czechoslovak Colonel-Josef Domanský.There is no difference between certificates for Soviet citizens and foreigners.Only in stamps and the signatures.There is no certificate to the badge.I do not know whether there one was.






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