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    Unknown revolver help, please


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    This 6-shot revolver came with the estate of a US Army veteran who served in Europe. His family thought it was a bring-back from WWII.  It has no visible serial numbers or any other marks other than the maker's mark on the grip discs (stylized M superimposed over an F). The barrel length is about 56mm.  This is so far out of my areas of interest that I'm at a complete loss.

    Can anyone give me any information on this pistol?


    The other side.


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    Looks very much like a European copy of the. British made Webley known as the bulldog based on the well known Webley ric revolver many of these copies were made in Belgium some of ok quality and some downright dangerous calibers varied from 32 to 45 the Webley made revolvers are of superb quality and have the winged bullet Mark on the body some of these copies were made in the UK and this style of revolver was very popular carry gun due to its size and heavy calibre






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    Hello : once upon a time I owned a nearly identical revolver it was belgian . manufacture Shriever  if my memory not fail .the caliber was  . 44 a short and dick thing . i fired a dozen of rounds of an old box which i buyed with the revolver . It was a sin . late i sold the gun with no ammo . it was 44 years ago here in my Argentine .the revolver itself was not very good not bad .

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