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    Order of the German Eagle variants or fake ?

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    Hello everyone.

    This item has been in a lot that I acquired recently, What do you think, is it some variants (or fake) from
    Order of the German Eagle Has anyone seen this?










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    13 hours ago, Matthew Macleod said:

    It looks to be Spanish made variant judging by its construction.

    Tell me more about it...
    I actually get this "order" from a lot of Spain .. with many medals from the Spanish Civil War and Blue Division. Now, I think it may have a connection. I know that many German medals have been reproduced after the war, to meet the demand of veterans .. it is possible to see many variants of the 1939 Iron Cross of Spanish manufacture ..( Source: Wehrmacht forum )





    Now I have a way to know the truth.



    9 hours ago, Stuka f said:

    So bad.

    is true..

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    8 hours ago, lambert said:

    Tell me more about it...

    As much as we know about medals being reproduced for veterans post 1945, they were also produced pre 1945 for original recipients. And not only in Spain but also elsewhere (Italy comes to mind). Your medal has typical Spanish verso set-up, "short" swastikas that are also present on other Spanish made pieces, overall lack of quality when compared to their German made counterparts and few other features that in my eyes make it a variant that was made in Spain. Unfortunately I could not tell you when it was made- perhaps one of our GEO collector friends will pitch in- but judging by toned gilt over brass base- I'd say no later than 1950-60s. Perhaps even pre 1945 but that's an supposition on my part only.

    Either way- an uncommon piece so congratulations!

    Here's another Spanish made GEO, this time in miniature- picture courtesy emedals.com

    Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 4.42.58 PM.png

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