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Decoration For Bravery-Czechoslovakia

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Dear collegues,

I would like to introduce to your attention one of my favourite Czechoslovak awards-Decoratin For Bravery-vyznamenanie Za statočnosť.

It was established in 1951 to award for exeptional deeds of courage,valour and heroism in peaceful time.1504 decoration were awarded.Mostly policemen-príslušníci VB,board guards,soldiers,mine rescuers,doctors were obtainig this decoration.I am going to show you some medals with certificates from my collection.

1st version-type ČSR.Only 362 decoratinos by the archives were awarded.

In the front side of medal we can see two branches: lime and laurel together and sign-ČSR

Medal is made from silver,marks are in the ridge of the medal.

The medal n.306 was awarded in 1958 to a board guard Július Varga for extraordinary valour and courage.That we can read  from the certificate.


Snímek 002.jpg

Snímek 003.jpg

Snímek 001.jpg

2nd version type ČSSR.

We can see the decoration n.1470 awarded to a a second lieutenant Miroslav Staník,who saved a life to a young man with the risk of his own.The award is from 1985 year.







I will add some more photograps of the cases and the medals numberred-281,1001 and 1088.







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I like this award very much so I cannot resist to add the next complet fot the fireman-for liquidation of big fire in television studio in Brno.Have a nice look.The award is not mine.I have enough 3 complets of these medals in my collection.





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3 hours ago, BalkanCollector said:

These are very interesting, thanks for sharing! Is there any way to find more details about the deeds they were awarded with this medal for?

For example-The last awarding 479 Jaroslav Bareš -a fireman.His deed is described in the certificate-For the personal courage at the liquidation of the fire in television studio.

Julius Varga  306-Julius Varga was a frontier guard who was wounded in the fight with intruders of the frontier.The intruders wanted to run to West Germany.

Miroslav Staník-2nd Lieutenant -policeman 1470 for personal courage at the disposal of the dangerous criminal

Zdenka Tomišková 492-for personal bravery and assistance at the disposal of the dangerous criminal.More details are not known for me.

I have complets of J.Varga,M.Staník and Zd.Tomišková in my collection.

As it  is known mostly-firemen,policemen,soldiers,mine rescue workers were bestowed on this decoration.

Only 1503 awarded.

Jarmila Janú 1413 a nurse  For bravery and moral at the performance of the tasks abroad

This nurse was working in Angola in hospital when the hospital was captured by Unita.She was in capture 3 months.




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A nice example of the set on the second-lieutenant of the border guard František Mihna. Typ 1,ČSR,number 17.The text in the certificate-For exeptional demonstration of heroism and courage.

The set is not mine.It is impossible to own all awards which I like.






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