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    Cigarette Cases

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    Probably this item is connected with the division.I think it could belong to some navy officer,but also maybe it could not.

    The 20th or the 30th years of the XXth century?

    Silver,there are marks ,weight 160gr,dimension 10x8cm.

    I am sure many collectors in the GMIC have interesting cases to show.

    Picturee 018.jpg

    Picturee 019.jpg

    Picturee 020.jpg

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    3 hours ago, Chuck In Oregon said:



    I have several nice cigarette cases.  Do you collect them?  This is a particularly handsome example.

    Thanks,for your contribution to the topic.

    Icebreaker?Probably,yes.It is not difficult to find the information in Wikipedia.


    Saphire?Perhaps,yes.I am not an expert.

    I do not collect ,but I have about 5 of them with the dedication to Czechoslovak officers.This is only one with the Soviet themes.

    If your cases are Soviet ones ,please, add some photos.

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    • 1 month later...

    Chuck,thanks for showing ,you enriched the topic-more than 300 views!

    I saw the similar one in the Catallogue Avers of Krivcov.

    Chuck, I do not collect Soviet awards and badges but I like having a look at some nice and interesting items from the whole world.I suppose you ,too.

    Edited by nickstrenk
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