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Romanian WW2 era banknotes

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My personal collection of banknotes from the Kindgom of Romania. Initially, this collection was not realised in purpose, but it was something like a gift left from my grandparents. They are dated between 1941 and 1947, representing the Second World War era and the first years after, before the rise of the communism. Hope to enjoy! Every banknote is on both sides.




Five thousant lei from 1945



500 lei from 1941:


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Indeed, these were wartime banknotes, most probably there was a huge inflation. Also, after the war, Romania had to pay huge repairments to the Soviets Union by any means: military occupation (until 1956), a large ammount of grains, oil, minerals, locomotives and many others. Combined with the harsh weather of 1946, this caused a huge famine in the country, and mist probably another hyper inflation. But most interesting thing is that until 2005-2006, the banknote which now has the value of 1 "leu" was the value of 10000 "lei", the 10 lei was 100000 and the 100 lei was 1000000. That's why in the common language there are still used the names of "one milion lei" instead of one hundred and so on for the other banknotes.

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On 22/12/2017 at 12:31, new world said:

Inflation must have been extremely high at the time - I see 100 000 and 1 million notes.

Thanks for sharing!

Indeed, the currency went into a spiral of inflation in the course of only a few months in 1947. The highest denomination at the time has been 5 million lei, only for the currency to undergo an over-night revaluation a short time afterwards. Five million has been the maximum allowed sum for conversion per person after the revaluation.



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Beautiful banknotes, especially the 5,000,000.00 note. What is the symbolism surrounding the people nursing at the sow? Also, on some of the notes, the round cartouche is blank ; on others, it contains a coat of arms, the couples’ profile, or the above-mentioned sow. Were these left blank at the press and meant to be finished by the bank? Stunning artwork. They just don’t print money anymore (anywhere!) with such quality. 

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4 hours ago, new world said:

There is symbol of city of Rome on the center of 5 million note - wolf feeding Romulus and his brother. Why do they have Italian cymbol on the Romanian note?

It is not Italian, but Roman and it is a symbol of the Roman origins of the Romanians.

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41 minutes ago, new world said:

from what I remember Romulus and Remus founded city of Rome and that status of them feeding off the wolf is symbol of the city. I am still not clear what is the connection to the state of Romania?

You described the very connection (in only 4 steps): Rome > Roman Empire > Roman conquest of Dacia > Romanian people > Romania

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