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    Is it possible to ID the 1st guy?

    He`s a Leutnant. The photo was taken in 1919 in Regensburg (Bavaria)

    He wears the IC, Albrecht knight´s cross 2nd class with X, Mecklenburg MMCr. and

    austrian MMC 3rd class with war decoration. On his neck an (austrian??) Malteser and

    a unknown cross under it. Between the crossarms i can see some lions. (Finnish???)

    The 2nd one was taken in Lörrach (Baden) in 1918. Which uniform does he wear?

    No shoulderboards, no Kragenspiegel, only 3 black stripes on his arm.


    Thanks for help.





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    The Leutnant wears what appears as a Jaeger Zu Pferde (Garde ) uniform .on the side of his long trousers are visible the green double lampassen. curiously ,the uniform looks as a m 1910 .The other man perhaps belongs to the Provisional Reichswehr . and the three blue stripes are his badge of rank

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    the 2nd photo shows a Vizefeldwebel of the Friedensheer (after January 1st 1919, the predecessor organisation of the Vorläufige Reichswehr. From 12.07.1919 rank insignia were changed to those of the Vorläufige Reichswehr. You should allow some time as transition-period for dating the photo. Middle of January to end of July should cover it. Here´s my example of a Vizefeldwebel of IR 149 with EKI and silver or gold wound badge in the post war version.



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    Chip , You are right . not any JzP Regiment wore Garde Litzen . But prior to the Regiments existed Detachments of JzP and one was allocated to the Garde and carried litzen and Garde Star. well , the man is a kurassier .either a Garde du Corps or a Garde Kurassier. Regarding the second pic , Grey C precised the period of the photo . 

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