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    Japanese “collabortors” armband


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    Good afternoon to all.

    this is my first posting so please bear with me. At the weekend I bought a few pieces of Militaria from a lovely old gentleman that were brought back by his uncle who had landed in Normandy.

    as I was leaving he asked if I was interested in Japanese Militaria, i saidI would have a look and he fetched the arm band that I hope you can see below.

    the only similar item I can find on the net is a miniature reproduction which is identical and listed as a collaborators arm band.

    has any one come across one of these in the past ? And any ideas on value ?

    my thanks in anticipation 

    Martin 2

    p.s I’ve just tried to add the picture but the file is to big but it’s white nylon I think with rising sun no rays coming outwards just a red blob if you like

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    Afternoon Gents

    ive now managed to sort the photo 

    upload problem I was having .

    this is the Japanese “ collaborators “ arm band next to a desert spoon for scale  , any thoughts or comments appreciated 



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    Hi japan x

    i only Going on what I saw on eBay 

    i recently went down to the monthly Militaria fair at Chatham in Kent , I asked around and everyone pointed me to this one dealer who was hot on Japanese.

    he said that the material was right and that he did not doubt the authenticity.

    many thanks



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    hi martin my 2 cents worth most period Japanese military armbands are of a fairly heavy material with hand ties or holes for hand ties at either end also the red sun is usually printed (silkscreened) not sown and all of the ones I have are marked with identifying numbers or characters on them the only genuine collaborator item I have seen was a saki cup and I have noticed the word collaborator is becoming popular with sellers to me the material just doesn't seem right I might be wrong it may be some type of late war item but I have my doubts

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    Thanks Japan x and Mickey,

    its certainly proved to be a controversial piece , from adamant fake to adamant genuine from a number of “in the knows”

    at the end of the day an interesting piece from a genuine source that I payed a fiver for

    one of those that we will never know for sure pieces I think

    thanks again


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