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    Sometime ago, I showed this ribbon bar here, and I am now quite confident to have finally ID'd its owner. I think it is who I first suspected:

    Hans Eberhardt (born 1855, probably died in the 1920s)

    Why do I think it's him?

    - According to Nimmergut's probably incomplete listing of recipients, a Major der Landwehr Hans Eberhardt got a Star of Brabant 1st class WITH CROWN, on 5.6.1918, as a commercial judge.

    There is only one possibility for this Eberhardt in the ranklists and the Ordensalmanach 1908/09:

    - RL 1903: A Reserve Hauptmann Eberhardt in the 1. Garde-Regiment zu Fuss, lived in Berlin, held only the LD1.

    - DOA 1908/09: Hans Eberhardt, factory owner and Hptm dR, lived in Berlin, Flensburgerstr. 1, born Berlin 29.5.1855, held the LD1. (It is quite possible that a factory owner at age 60+ became a commercial judge.)

    - RL 1913: Hauptmann dR Eberhardt, still 1st Foot Guards, lived in Berlin, held the LD1 AND THE Red Eagle Order 4th cl (!!).

    - RL 1914: Hauptmann dR Eberhardt was granted leave (Abschied bewilligt).

    I think it is practically certain that at 59, not being Landwehr but Reserve, he was recalled in some function and also got the EK2. I also suspect that his connection with the 1. Garde-Reg. zF helped him get his two nice awards with crown.

    So we know Eberhardt got the LD1, RAO4 and Star of Brabant 1st with crown, and very probably an EK2. So 4 out of 5. I think it is highly unlikely that there were other recipients of the Brabant mK with exactly this combination.


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    What convinces me is really the story, not the individual clues... At some point - as Rick always says - the bar begins to tell a story that fits together. Factory owner and reserve officer, and especially the connection with 1. GardeR zF - it just explains the rest.

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    • 3 years later...

    I bring up this old thread here --- because I heard for the first time that there is a Brabant roll! :speechless1::speechless1::cheers::beer:

    Daniel - please - how many are in there with Ritterkreuz 1. Klasse mit Krone?

    Can you find Hans Eberhardt? Other possibilities?

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    Guest Rick Research

    Ah, so many years ago... and I still cry myself to sleep at night for the sheer awesome :love::love::love::love::love: of that ribbon bar!

    The two crowns side by side and those vivid colors...

    imagine the MEDAL BAR!!!!

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