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    Order of Mother Heroine

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    Would a person having this order by default have been awarded a 1st, 2nd and 3rd class of Order of the Glory of Motherhood and / or 1st/2nd class of Motherhood Medals first?

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    Guest Rick Research

    That would depend on when they got it. Somebody who already HAD "X" amount of children when they were created would have received whatever they currently had, back when. Military long service orders were bestowed in that same way-- if you had PASSED qualifying for the lower, you got current-and-up.

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    Normally and logically : yes.

    Here is what was the hierarchy of the Soviet maternal awards :

    The Motherhood Medal 2nd Class was awarded to mothers who gave birth and reared 5 children.

    The Motherhood Medal 1st Class : 6 children.

    The Order of Maternal Glory 3rd Class : 7 children.

    The Order of Maternal Glory 2nd Class : 8 children.

    The Order of Maternal Glory 1st Class : 9 children.

    The Title and Order Mother Heroine : 10 or more children.


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    Rick's remark is totally exact; what I described is the theorical system. But when they were created, some mothers have been awarded directly the "right" grade of awards.


    Mmm the relatively small amount of "complete" mother sets (all medals / orders) then surprises me given that 500K of those Orders of Mother Heroine were handed out.

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