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    Some new Photos in my collection , German Air Force

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    Here is some new pics , 

    1. Something handed over to a very young looking pilot , the soldier on the left has a 7 on his uniform ?

    2. Ground personal showing off bombs 

    3. Two pilots talking , the man on the right looks like Ritchofen ?

    4. A mail bag ?  What plane could it be in the background ?

    5. And last a pic of how well dressed the aviators had to be in 1915-18 times 






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    3 minutes ago, GreyC said:


    the first one shows a medic of the Luftstreitkräfte treating a pilot/observer.


    Aha , that explains it, he has a bandage in his hand ...

    thanks Grey


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    23 minutes ago, AlbertR said:


    on the third photo we indeed see Manfred von Richthofen, but not on the right - he's on the left :) The guy on the right is Hans Klein.



    Wow, Thanks Albert ! So typical , I focused on the wrong man ...

    Now I have to read about Klein to leran more 

    thanks again 


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