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    Postcard with figures of POW’s taken (433,247). Nov 1914.

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    Hi Gents

    I picked this up recently...,

    To me, it appears to have a breakdown of prisioners taken up until the 1st November 1914.

    Again, to me, it looks as though written in Munich on the 8th November and stamped the same day. It also has a postal stamp.

    It is not marked Feldpost and doesn’t seem to be an official correspondence.




    the numbers quoted are:

    3138 officers and 188618 men French

    3121 officers and 186779 men Russian

    537 officers and 34907 men Belgian

    417 officers and 15730 men English 


    7213 officers and 426034 men

    Overall total:  433247




    At a glance the ratio of officers is far higher for the Brits at about 1:40 compared to about 1:60 for the French and Russians, nearer 70 for the Belgians....

    Rough maths but quite a difference I think....


    Hope you like Gents



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    Hi Bayern

    The numbers are incredible....

    On 08/10/2018 at 03:06, Bayern said:

    Hello , Only in the battle of Tannenberg the Russians lost 92000 prisoners .

    Thanks GreyC

    On 05/10/2018 at 11:26, GreyC said:

    last bit: not counting those still on the way to their respective POW camps during this time.




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