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    Belgian Soldier Medals Group

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    What a tiny george cross........

    Couldn't he afford a larger one or did he think so minimalistic about that award :P

    Maybe he was just out of space, looking at the size of his brooche :P

    No seriously, with foreign decorations you are just lucky when you can get your hands on a miniature decoration at all. I'm still looking for the miniatures of two foreign medals I hold myself. They're either not available or to large to put in with the rest of the (16 mm) miniatures.

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    Belgian colleques !!!

    anybody can make the photos of awards of Major Semet ?

    No, because they arent exposed in the museum, the still in the depot of the museum, to have a photo of those pieces, you have to follow the procdure of the museum see Reproductions Photographiques : demande et conditions

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    Great group there Igor.

    As mentioned in the accompanying letter, that probably is a unique doc.

    I've never seen another one, and believe me I've been looking....

    Originally, these medals were not destined to be worn, but many soldiers attached some sort of suspension device and added it to their medal groups.

    Best regards


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    Very nice ensemble, medal, document and pic! :cheers:

    Am I mistaken or is that a British Military Medal as well on the picture, next to the Tolsto? medal?

    The Military Medal should have a swivel bar suspender and is made of silver. This medal appears to be bronze?

    No idea what it migt be :(

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