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    Belgian WW1 miniatures with Chilean Order

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    This is my first set of Belgian miniatures, much more mini than I'm used to but very nice quality.

    The Chilean Order of Merit at the front - was this common for foreign decorations to go before service medals?

    Appreciate any info thanks.



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    On 10/01/2019 at 23:39, jeffskea said:

    The Chilean Order of Merit at the front - was this common for foreign decorations to go before service medals?

    The hierarchy between Belgian medals (with exception of the National Orders) is not very clear. In some decrees that create a medal it is stated in the form of "worn behind the ... medal" of "worn behind all medals created before this decree". I have looked but never found an official list. In my opinion the hierarchy behind the National Orders is more out of custom than regulations. Even if there is a reglation for these medals it is not strictly followed or enforced.

    Usually you see medals in this order:

    • Belgian National Orders (see link below for their hierarchy)
    • Foreign Orders (in order of receiving)
    • Military Medal (art. 4) -- Now known by a different name that keep forgetting -- and maybe it civil counterpart (not sure)
    • Decorations received for wartime actions
    • Military decorations
    • Civil decorations
    • Unofficial decorations (not allowed but worn anyway)

    see also:

    https://diplomatie.belgium.be/en/services/Protocol/nobility_and_honorary_distinctions/national_orders/wearing_decorations (official)

    https://hmc2.pagesperso-orange.fr/en/belgium/e-precedence.html (made by medal enthusiast and If I'm not mistaken a member of this forum)


    In short: No problems with your medals. 


    Kind Regards,


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