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Wurttemberg veteran with medal bar for identification

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Dear gentlemen, here's my latest purchase - CDV showing unknown Wurttemberg veteran from Ravensburg/Tettnang.


1. Wurttemberg. Verdienstmedaille des Friedrichs-Ordens (?)

2. Wurttemberg. Silberne Militärverdienstmedaille (?)

3. Wurttemberg. Militär-Dienstehrenzeichen 1.Klasse / 2.Klasse (?)

4. Prussia. Kriegsdenkmünze für die Feldzüge 1870/71 für Kämpfer.

5. Russia. Imperial Order of Saint Anna, 4th class (so-called “klyukva”).

6. Prussia. Zentenarmedaille.

Two questions:

1. Have I idenitifed decorations correctly?

2. Is there any chance to get the exact name of the veteran?





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# 2 - may be medal of the crown order

seems like an EX-NCO i don`t think that we can ID that guy without a name.

Served in 70/71 as a combatant may be later a lower officials rank or Hofcharge.

The pic was taken in 1897 or later - definitely bevor 1914/15 - because of the russian.



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All NCO - so one of it could be your guy. - i would bet it is one of the former members of the Schlossgardekompagnie.

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8 hours ago, ixhs said:

Ulmer Feldwebel Feldjägereskadron

Rembold Wachtmeister dito

Scholderer Oberwachtmeister dito

Staib Unteroffizier Schloßgarde-Kompanie

Hinderberger Unteroffizier dito

Schweizer Unteroffizier dito

Berckhemer Vizewachtmeister Dragoner Rgt 26

Meiser Wachtmeister Ulanen Rgt 19

All NCO - so one of it could be your guy. - i would bet it is one of the former members of the Schlossgardekompagnie.



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could you please share with me why do you think so?

For drinking a lots of Vodka with russian guys. 🤩

No,  the Schlossgardekompagnie did make some parade stuff if higher foreign people visit the royal family.

And because till 1914 Russia did not have the status of an enermy country AND queen Olga was

a born Romanowa i think these guys would fit.

Olga did a lot of good things to the state of Württemberg. - Today there`s still a Olga hospital (the citizen of Stuttgart say Olgäle), an Olgastreet , a very tasty Olga Bretzel, an old Russian church in Stuttgart and Württemberg has the Grenadierregiment "Königin Olga" 119. The people say, the last king of Württemberg - Wilhelm II. was very unhappy to fight against Russia in WW1.

You can see the "Knutschlöwe" on the link. (behind the monument generations of young couples did meet and gave kisses to each other -  I also did with my wife in younger years)😘



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I think your guy could be "Berckhemer".

In the 1913 book he`s listed as Kriegsgerichtssekretär at the 2nd Division at Ulm.

-s.V.M. - DA1 - R.A.M.

Normally 1870 war commemorative medal and Centenialmedals are not listed in most books.

He fought in 1870 - so he must be born around 1850 (not earlier because no 1866 medal) - in 1913 he was 63 years old.

Sekretär would also fit - it´s a lower officials rank.

The (only not listed) medal on his bar may be it was given as he was retired. (normally between 63 and 65 years)

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Many thanks for your expertise!!! 

Is any additional info regarding Berckhemer known from the book you cited or any other source? E.g. his full name?

s.V.M. - DA1 - R.A.M.

Could you please let me know what Württemberg decorations these abbreviations actually stand for?

s.V.M. = Silberne Verdienstmedaille. Militärverdienstmedaille oder Zivilverdienstmedaille? 

DA1 = Militär-Dienstehrenzeichen 1.Klasse?

R.A.M. = ??? Russische [Orden der Heiligen] Anna Medaille?

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Many thanks for correction, Glenn!

So, only five Württemberg veterans left:

1. Unteroffizier Staib (Schloßgarde-Kompagnie)

2. Unteroffizier Hinderberger (Schloßgarde-Kompagnie)

3. Unteroffizier Schweizer (Schloßgarde-Kompagnie)

4. Feldwebel Ulmer (Feldjägereskadron)

5. Wachtmeister Rembold (Feldjägereskadron)

Any ideas whose portrait do we have here then?


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