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    I've been researching Leutnant Ernst Hess.  Each place I find his wards listed it says 1914 EKII, 1914 EKI and Royal House Order of Hohenzollern First Class.  It doesn't mention with or without swords but I imagine it would be with swords.  I can not find much information about this man prior to the start of WWI except that he was in the Flight Troops before the war started.  Any information that you can provide for the person would be greatly appreciated.




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    Ernst Eugen Heß. Born 8 January 1893 in Wiesbaden, he was living there as a student before the war. He received DLV Flugführerzeugnis Nr. 535 on 26 September 1913. He was killed in action by Fresnes on 23 December 1917 and is buried in the Südfriedhof Wiesbaden. He was single and his father was already deceased, so his possessions likely went to his mother.

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