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    Hello there!

    I am looking for any information about Oberstleutnant Schmaler. He recieved the Prussian Observers Badge in WW1 amongst the War Merit Cross of Schaumburg-Lippe and EK2,EK1 and peaked at Oberstleutnant (Luftwaffe). Alive in April 1945. Sadly, I cannot find him in the Luftwaffe Career Summaries or anywhere else. 

    Any help is very appreciated!

    All the Best,



    His ribbon bar:


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    • 2 weeks later...

    Hi Pierce,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Actually his name is Spamer or Spanier. I located his name one a portrait, which he signed.

    I sadly do not have more info. No first name or anything else exept, what I posted earlier.

    Best regards,



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    36 minutes ago, GreyC said:

    Hi Nicolas,

    this might seem silly, but could the name be that of the photographer instead of the one poirtrayed?


    This had crossed my mind too. It might account for the reason why we cannot find him.

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    Thanks for your replies GreyC and Pierce.

    That is a possibility, I didn't think of. It does seem pretty likely, though.

    As I do not have any further information about this officer, there is no chance to ID him for now, I guess.


    All the Best



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