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    Captain Ivan Stojanoff - Bulgaria

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    I have a document for a Swedish order of the sword, knight 1st class awarded to bulgarian captain Iwan Stojanoff in november 1941.

    Does anyone have any information about mr Stojanoff? Or maybe even a photo of him?

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    I'm not familiar with researching of Bulgarians but maybe this will be of help. Bulgarian transcription of his name would most likely be "Иван Стоянов", according to my modest knowledge of the language. The English transcription would be "Ivan Stoyanov". Also, it's a very common name so it will probably be hard to find him but who knows.

    Good luck with your research!

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    Thank you for your replies, I have tried to google "Ivan Stojanov" and "Иван Стоянов" without any luck. I was hoping that someone knew about any "state visit" or similar that Bulgaria made to Sweden in late 1941.

    Thanks once again!

    The search continues...


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    I looked in the swedish Royla Majestys orders matrix, KMO´s Matriklar.

    The decision was made in 25th of october to award  the order of the sword.

    There are two more names that was awarded the same order, SO2kl, at the same day.

    A german Major Von Lüneburg and a Frech captain Raymond Renard.

    I looked if some other Bulgarians have been awarded any of the classes of the order of the sword..  I found one, a Bulgarian Lt.Col Nikola Kosloff, he was awarded commander 2 class, KSO2kl, at the same day with a bunch of Germans.

    I dont think it was a "state visit" but some other visit that happened. Often when persons are given an order at the same time its some kind of visit but it was not a State visit. Maybe just some delagation of some kind.



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