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    Prinz Heinrich v. Preussen conundrum

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    Hi all, I've been doing some private research into the decorations awarded to Prinz Heinrich, and looking at images of his various medal bars, there's one decoration which is driving me mad! attached image, it's the shape which is puzzling me, the first six are Prussian, then unknown, followed by 3 British coronation medals, Austrian , and lastly Japanese, red cross special member. It appears to have a British imperial Crown but I could be wrong, I suspect it may well be some obscure commemorative or anniversary medal, but which country?. I've checked my reference books, but nothing. am I missing the obvious?


    any help appreciated as usual


    regards Alex K

    Edit, correction, British 1 x Golden Jubilee, 2 x Coronation!

    Untitled-2 copy.JPG

    Edited by Alex K
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    It's very simple. I especially want and love this medal. This is the second wedding memorial medal of the Grand Duke Hessen-Darmstadt. This medal looks like the coffin of an Egyptian pharaoh. . Or a spaceship:lol:


    This is a group of bars auctioned by eBay some time ago. . Sorry, the owner does not send China, and I have no money:banger:



    Reference for this medal. Don't you know this site? This was sent to me by a gentleman named "Chris" in the forum, this time he may be on vacation in Australia (BBQ:lol:)

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    Hi, thanks for the speedy reply, simple when you know the answer:D,  I havn't seen this decoration before, i I appreciate your input. as for the web-site, yes I do know it, my mistake was in thinking it was a British medal.




    Alex K

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    2 hours ago, Lukasz Gaszewski said:

    A different kind of stuff, but notice that the prince's star of the Black Eagle is surrounded by the English Garter.

    Not uncommon, there are various examples of garterbands 'draped' around stars. The castle in Coburg has various examples like the Order of the Black Eagle and the Hessian Ludwigsorden. I have also seen the English king Georg V with a star surrounded by a garterband.

    There was also an example of the Russian Order of St. Andrew the First-called with a garterband, although I was doubtful about it's authenticity.

    Kind regards, Laurentius

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