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Feldflieger cloth arm badge Reihenbildzug 3

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Hi all,

being a little sick and bored at home I decided to search through my pictures and found one I'd like to share with you - it is a Feldflieger from the Reihenbildzug 3, dated 25.3.1918. There are no medals, no weapons, no helmets and no death heads, but I like the not too common cloth arm Badge and the overall good quality of the image (a post card to a befriended family, sent with easter greetings). Hope you like it too.



2020-03-08 20.46.33.jpg

2020-03-08 20.47.18.jpg

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Glad you like it too, Prussian! I almost overlooked it on first sight - but now I like it all the better :-)

I had never heard about the Reihenbildzüge before, there seems to be almost no literature available...


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Very nice photo. I´m not sure, actually, if that badge was officially issued.

Reihenbildzüge were few and far between. I know of 9. Their purpose was to help fabricate large maps by a special aerial-photographic technique, that "scanned" the landscape from above photographically. The photographic stripes/rows (=Reihen) were then assembled / combined to form a large scale photographic overview that formed the basis for mapmaking.

Hope the description was sufficently clear. I provide an example from  my collection. This photo originated with Reihenbildzug 3. Note the stripes that indicate the Reihen (=rows). Souilly is 16km  southwest of Verdun.



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