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Luxembourg Order of the Oak Crown

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Hello Godishigh,

What you have here, is a beautifull 4th Class, or Officer of the Order of the Oak Crown, from the time, there still was a personal union between Netherlands & Luxembourg. A similar cross, but without oak leaves between the white arms, would have been a 5th Class, or Knight. Till 1891 the King of Netherlands was also Grand Duke of Luxembourg. As King Wilhelm III had only a daughter, she could succeed him as Queen of the Netherlands, but not as Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (still in 1891 women could not ascend the throne of Luxembourg, ....that was to be changed in 1905, but for Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, it was then too late).

King Wilhelm II wished an Order of Civil Merit that he could more freely award than the Order of the Dutch Lion, and for this purpose, was instituted in December 1841, the Order of the Oak Crown, in 5 Classes + 3 Classes of medals.

The ribbon is typical for the period, as from 1841 till 1891 the ribbon was of 5 equal stripes : oak green/dark yellow/oak green/dark yellow/oak green.

In 1891, the new Grand Duke of Luxembourg Adolph of Nassau retain the Order of the Oak Crown as a State Order of the Grand Duchy, but insignia were a bit larger ( about 15 % larger ), and ribbon was then mainly dark yellow, with 3 oak green stripes, but narrower, and with the outer green stripes not touching the edges.

Here you can see an exemple from the 1st purely luxemburger Order of the Oak Crown Officer (and before 1905, they were made of gold).




Luxembourg Order of Oak Crown Officer by Lasne of Paris 1891-1905.jpg

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