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    Hello ,the coats looks as French officers tunics of a type introduced in late 1914 . perhaps captured and re dyed . another option is the French (for sir John French ) tunic of the Tsarist Army. also captured items .

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    2 hours ago, Bayern said:

    Hello Fritz , something wrong with Wurttemberg ?

    Not at all. There is something wonderful everywhere in Germany. We've all gotta love the unique variations by anyone willing to veer off the usual path. Anything to keep us guessing, scratching our heads, and gathering to throw in our ideas.

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    I didn't know the Germans were using captured uniforms in the Great War, though it makes sense, I suppose, especially at the end.  Thanks, Chris, for broadening my somewhat parochial horizons.

    I hope you and yours are, apart from the math problems, doing well in these trying times.  Peace.

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    14 hours ago, Chris Boonzaier said:

    these guys are from the 64. Armierungs Kompagnie

    Army Corps XIII ,

    During WW1 the Germans used many Beute things and that included uniforms . The Austro Hungarians also used captured materials , mostly Italian . they used Italian tunics re dyed to Feldgrau ,and Adrian helmets re painted in Isonzobraun 

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