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Most likely a regimental "ehrennadel"...these were prevalent in the 30's for former members who retained an association with former comrades. many of these organizations helped out members during the tough times directly after the war.

some of these ehrennadels are quite valuable in their own right  

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3 hours ago, OvBacon said:

I've been combing through the interwebs for the past few days and hove not been able to find a similar example... So please let us know if you do find it's exact origine  

Hi, so have I, I've tried searching under every combination so far, Imperial, Prussian, veteran etc etc, I've now started on Weimar period due to the date the photo was taken, still no joy, I'm sure that badge wasn't the only one produced, It'll turn up one day I'm sure normally when you least expect it.

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