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    St.George Cross 4th class


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    Hi Guys!

    I don´t know anyhting about imperial russian order, medals or badges. I would like to ask you guys some things.

    Is this an original cross?

    What time period is it from, pre or post 1900?

    Can you somehow find out who the recpient was with help of the number?  86327



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    Хрущель Станислав — 64 пех. Казанский полк, ефрейтор.
    Пожалован Государем Императором через командированного в 1-ю армию Генерал-Адъютанта князя Белосельского-Белозерского за отличие в боях.

    Khrushel Stanislav - 64th Kazan infantry regiment, corporal. 

    Awarded by the adjutant-general prince Beloselsky-Belozersky for the distinction in battles.



    1 hour ago, Peppe864 said:

    What time period is it from, pre or post 1900?

    Somewhere around 1915.

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    2 hours ago, dond said:

    Thanks for the reply.  BTW these all look fake to me.  I could make them in my garage.


    1 hour ago, JapanX said:

     Sounds like you have quite a garage there.

    ... which brings us back to this story (found elsewhere on GMIC), which illustrated to me just how low-tech you can be and still produce 'acceptable' fakes (made in a garden shed, apparently),


    Thanks for posting the fascinating pictures of what I assume is an Imperial Russian mint, JapanX.

    Edited by Trooper_D
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