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    Opinions on French 1822 Cavalry Sword with the German Blade


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    I have some doubts as to this blade. It is not something unseen for the French 1822 swords to have German made blades but the acceptance markings do not seem to be legit to me. Though I have little experience with the French swords I once owned a replica of French 1810 heavy cavalry sword and it was manufactured pretty well.  So I would like to have some side opinions on this one. 








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    All looks ligit to me. This sword was made in Germany, probably in Solingen for export to other nations. In some of the German forums these pieces are discussed from time to time, especially when they bear German regimental markings. At the outbreak of WW1 some of these were still in German factories, were confiscated and then used to equip German troops.

    Best wishes,



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    Klingenthal was the name of a blade factory in Mohlsheim, Mutzig and Gresswiller even named Clinquethal  at one point (1735). The region changed several times from France to Germany during history and wars.

    Nothing uncommon to see French swords have Klingenthal marks. 

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    Appears as a 1822 French Cavalry Officers Sabre. It was very common that they were Klingenthal,as Stuka said the Manufacture was located in Alsace ,French until 1871, German from 1871 1918, French from 1918 to 1940, German again for four years and finally French again until today. 

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