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    Chinscales on bavarian Pickelhaube....

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    Tony from Kaisers Bunker mentions the early regulation..

    Infantry Regts 1 - 23 and Füß Artillerie: flat gilt chinscales
    Infanterie-Leibregiment and Pionier - flat silver chinscales
    Feld Artillerie, Train, 2. Schweres Reiter-Regt, 1,3,5, and 7 Chevaulegers-Regt: curved gilt chinscales.
    1. Schweres Reiter-Regt, 2,4,6,and 8 Chevaulegers-Regt curved silver chinscales.

    But Glenn once found the following...

    "The Kriegsministerium-Verordnungsblatt Nr. 17 of the 20th of February 1914 introduced convex scales for officers of foot troops. The flat scales were permitted to be worn until the 1st of January 1916."

    Question to myself... but maybe someone else can help here....

    Verordnungsblatt 17 was prewar... in a peacetime world I assume it would have been easy to transition.... but did it really happen that way?

    For a start... how soon after a Verordungsblatt comes out do they start to implement this?

    All the officers Picklehaube with flat scales sitting on tailors shelves, the spare parts in their drawers... Would they not be used up?

    Then the war starts... extreme materal shortage... how much priority would changing chinscales have?

    Ans a Pickelhaube is like a lego set.... It was surely possible to buy just the parts you need? i.e. if you badly damaged the Black shell... would you really need to buy a complete one? You already had the plate, scales and Kokarden....

    My theory based on little knowledge

    With Material shortages, supply shortages and related costs of exchanging... I would bet that flat scaled Haube kept their flat scales, new ones probably had curved ones... and once the war machine was rolling noone really cared ?

    I may be wrong.. I often am... Does anyone have any thoughts?




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