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    Military pastor Dr. phil Heinrich Rocholl

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    I was able to acquire this photo recently.

    At first I thought that the good man would wear a commander cross of the Guelphic Order, but on closer inspection, it turned out to be a commanders cross 2nd class of the Duke of Saxony Ernestine House Order. Since the man carries the RK of Brunswick at his medal bar, as well as the RAO, KO and Centenary medal, the photo is nevertheless in good hands with me.

    Through my research for the book about the orders and decorations of the Kingdom of Hannover I could identify the up to now unknown priest. It is the protestant military pastor Dr. phil Heinrich Rocholl, who lived from September 20, 1845 to February 28, 1829. He worked in Colmar, Cologne and last in Hanover, where he was the priest responsible for the X. Army Corps.

    As it was still completely normal at that time, Protestant pastors were able to carry within themselves not only Christian charity but also love for their fatherland. Dr. Rocholl was conservative, loyal to the emperor and a patriot.

    On March 3, 1914, Dr. Rocholl was retired at his own request with a pension.

    After his retirement, he was awarded the Order of the Crown, 2nd class. During the First World War and beyond, he was a writer and published a total of 19 books.

    PS: The Knight's Cross 1st class HdL was awarded to Dr. Rocholl in 1896.


    Scan Geistlicher Hannover SDA.jpg

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