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    If any of you are not familiar with this Fritz story, you are in for a real experience but that's not what I'm here for. 

    I have been able to ID nearly all of the awards visibly shown, but I'm stumped as to one of the Stern's in his possession. (I doubt that this spy would end up in any rangeliste or anything of that sort)

    Medjidjie Orden Grosskreuz? - Probably not because of the lack of the Gross Stern, (probably relating to the unknown stern)

    Osmanische Osmanje Orden Kommandeurkreuz u. Stern

    Wuttemburg Orden der Wuttembergischen Krone Komturkreuz mit Schwertern

    Wuttemburg Orden der Wuttembergischen Krone Kreuz der Ehrenritter min Schwertern 

    Eisernes Kreuz II. un I. Klasse

    K.u.K Franz-Josef Orden Ritterkreuz - Interestingly a peacetime award

    Baden Orden Berthod des Ersten Ritterkreuz 

    Sachsen-Meiningen Kreuz fur Verdienst im Kriege 1915

    Wuttemburg Orden der Wuttembergischen Krone Ritterkreuz mit Lowen u. Schwertern

    Mecklenburg-Schwerin Greifenorden Ritterkreuz mit Krone

    Konigreich Bulgarien Militar Verdienst Orden Ritterkreuz

    Fritz Joubert Duquesne: Boer Avenger, German Spy, Munchausen Fantasist :  BoryanabooksWW2 German, Soviet, Allied militaria, uniforms, awards, weapons history.  War relics forum


    Thanks All!


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