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    Private from Brunswick Artillery Regiment 46

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    For my library I recently acquired a book on the Kings German Legion printed 1906. As a nice surprise I did found this photo between the pages of the book. It shows a private from the artillery regiment 46 in an old polrock. I am not sure if the seller was aware of this photo, but I like it. Sadly the guy doesn't show any decorations, but photos of an artillery man are pretty rare, so I thought you may like it too.

    Have a nice Saint Nicholas day 

    PS: photo must have been taken before 1886.


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    5 hours ago, GreyC said:

    Hi blackcowboy,

    nice photo. Cn you explain how you can see that he is from the artillery?



    Hey GreyC,

    the fold on the collar tells you that he is from the artillery. 


    7 hours ago, Chris Boonzaier said:

    Hi, was there a practicle purpose for the braiding on the front of the tunic? Ithink the British Arty had it as well.

    No the braiding is a style that the uniforms of the black troops of duke Friedrich Wilhelm, when he marched to the north sea in 1809. 

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