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UV negative ribbon - what's all that about?

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It takes some expertise in using a UV-Light when trying to date/authenticate medal ribbons.  Or uniforms for that matter.  Different results will be encountered depending on the age/period of the ribbon.  Imperial, Third Reich or country.  There are a number of styles of UV-Lights and they may give different results as well.  Also, the purpose that the UV-Light was designed for.  Here is a link to a site that discusses some UV-Lights.  https://uvcanada.ca/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw0oCDBhCPARIsAII3C_G4l6M_knQpPwEIcYR0gg9Ls08kPI-k5YTPsxf0Qkx0zm1hrH_ifrUaAjA9EALw_wcB 

Before buying a UV-Light I would suggest some research on these devices and talking to someone who uses one on a regular basis.  I use a fluorescent fixture with an 18 inch T8 bulb rated at 15 watts.  It suits my purposes but I have never compared it to other UV-lights someone uses for the same purpose.






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My 2 cents; I personally use a blacklight that is actually intended for banknotes, so it's not a very big lamp (only a couple of inches long) nor is it very strong. Since ribbon bars is one of my main areas of interest, a blacklight is a must for me, and something I use on a regular basis.


I have learned that a smaller lamp is, for me, enough for the smaller objects like ribbon bars and insignia. What can help, from personal experience, is keeping something modern close by for reference. Even original ribbons can tend to light up when keeping the UV lamp too close, so having something modern close by for reference, like modern
bed sheets, can really make you see the difference between something modern and original. It also helps to practice :)


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