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    Soldbuch deciphering?

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    On 30/03/2021 at 00:27, Mark McM said:

    Hi All,

    I thought trying to translate cursive French was problematic... then I met cursive German.  Can anyone help translate the general details for this soldier?  Many thanks! 



    My German is a bit rough and abbreviations are a pain but I'll give it a try.


    First lines on page 8a:
    Ist(?) uber erhaltung(?) van Waffen und Gerat am 2.11.44 belehrt worden
    Leutnant und Kompanie Fuhrer


    Translates to something like: has received instructions on how to use the weapon and equipment
    after having been presented with the weapon and equipment


    Lazarett page:
    Neuwied 23.Dez.1944
    Teillaz. [...] a.Rh. 30.Dez.1944


    3rd and 4th lines are:
    Reserve Lazarett Linz am Rhein
    Teillazarett [...] am Rhein 30 december 1944


    Page 8b:
    5 [...] 2 [...]
    1F. [...] 1 Gasplane m. Tasche
    [...]erhalten: Klappen m. [...], [...]

    [...]probe: 22.9.44


    Page 8b lists the equipment he got. The Gasplane mit Tasche is a gas cape and pouch. I'm not sure what "Klappen" are. Also, the rest of the writing eludes me. Mayby someone else can add to this.

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    Those are ranks and signatures - Gefr (Gefreiter) and then a signature followed by Uffz (Unteroffizier) followed by a signature. 

    If he was killed or died of wounds it wouldn't be entered under a weapon issue.

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    Ist über Erhaltung von Waffen und Gerat am 2.11.44 belehrt worden
    Leutnant und Kompanie Fuhrer


    5 Klarscheiben 2 Verbandpäckchen
    1 F. Filter 1 Gasplane mit Tasche
    nicht erhalten: Kappen mit Halter, Entgiftungsm(ittel)

    Gasraumprobe: 22.9.44



    17.9.44 Putzzeuggeld von RM 5,- gezahlt


    The 3 deleted items > it is always meant gestr(ichen) = deleted:

    gestr. SanUffz (signature)



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