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    Dr Hans Thomsen was a German Diplomat and lawyer ,the facto one of the first lawyers in the Diplomatic career . born 1891 in Hamburg dead in 1962 Hamburg. he served in Oslo, then as viceconsul in Milan and Neaples , he served also in Genever as adjoint to the german representation in the League of Nations, returned to Germany was later send to Washington DC were fom 1938 to 1941 was charge of  affaires ,de facto Ambassador. because of the recall of Ambassador Dieckoff . once returned to Germany he was send to Sweden as Ambassador and stay there until the end of the War.he was not charged in the trials against diplomats and in 1950 he was made chief of the local branch of the Red Cross in Hamburg.  So,the neck order may be the Third Reich Eherenzeichen of the Red Cross ,evidently Thomsen belonged to the Red Cross prior to 1950. regarding the breast star,It looks as the insignia of the Gran Ufficiale della Ordine della Corona d Italia, a silver eight pointed satar with a enamelled white maltese cross in the center and a iron crown in the center of the cross

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    Thank you, Gentlemen! Seeing he doesn't have a star, it should be I. Klasse des Ehrenzeichens des Deutschen Roten Kreuzes, not the Großkreuz?! He is also wearing EK II (Leutnant der Reserve in WW I), Hessische Tapferkeitsmedaille, Hamburgisches Hanseatenkreuz, and Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer ... he also had the Verwundetenabzeichen (1918), why he is not wearing it (maybe protocol?), I do not know.

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