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    Type 5 Order of Lenin

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    23 hours ago, GODISHIGH said:

    Я не понимаю о чем ты. Номер 327 *** не 302 ***



    "Elementary, Watson." The number 327*** was awarded after the number 302***. The award for seniority was made until December 1956. Number 302* * * was awarded in January 1957. Continue further, or can you guess?

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    13 hours ago, Simius Rex said:

      This is not a Type 5.  It is a Type 6 made in the Leningrad Mint.


    Thanks for helping clarify Simius Rex. One question, who are you using for distiguishing different types?






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    This order was made by Leningrad mint somewhere between March and September of 1956. 


    Type V variation 1b according to Mondvor site classification. 


    Type IV variation 2b according to Durov classification.




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    Regarding the actual time of awarding.

    Not every order of Lenin was issued in the chronological sequence.


    For example.




    306 173 was issued on May 28, 1966

    356 899 was issued on June 12, 1959




    Both orders were issued to the very same person.



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    Hello, I got this Order today and I always do a check on the gold Karat when I get a gold order.  I do the acid test and when I tested it with the strongest acid I have (22KT gold) it dissolved the gold.  I tested with 18KT and it doesn't dissolve the gold.  This points to the gold not being between 18-22KT instead of the 23KT.  I thought that all Lenin's were 23KT Gold.  I had a Lenin a while ago and it tested to at least 22KT with the acid test.  Am I missing something and not all Lenin's are 23KT Gold?





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