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Bulgarian Order of Military Merit - Questions

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Hello, I have some questions about the Bulgarian Order of Military Merit from the period before WW2 and during WW2.


The classes of this order are the following:

- Grand Cross

- Grand Officer

- Commander

- Officer

- Knight

- Silver Cross


Here are my questions:

1. What were the parts of the design of this order? Was it the Swords and the Crown? Or just the Swords?

2. During wartime, what were the devices that could be added to the award? Was it only the War Decoration (laurel wreath)?

3. What were the devices that could be added to the award during peacetime? The Crown?



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Classes of order changed over time.


Initially there were 6 classes similar to what you described:

- Great Cross (1st class)
- Grand Officer (2nd class)
- Commander (3rd class)
- Officer (4th class)
- Knight (5th class)
- Silver Cross (6th class).


In 1930s separate Grand Cross was added:

- Grand Cross,

- 6 classes as before.


Crown and swords were always elements of the design, with exception of lower classes which could be awarded with or without the crown (5th and 6th classes). 


There were 2 distinctions to indicate awarding related to war:

- Military distinction was introduced around 1915-16 for awards given during war time. Center medallion color was also changed from green to white for awards with military wreath.

- Around Balkan Wars time awards were give on ribbon of Bravery order to signify wartime merits.


Another major modification was done around 1937 where special design of medallion on reverse was used ("flat" version). 


After Monarchy ended in 1944 there were additional modifications, but this is a different story altogether. 

Hope this helps.  

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Here is at glance some of the models described by New World

 Grand Cross  with war decoration

Grand officers with an without War decoration

Commanders with War decoration and without War decoration

Commanders Regency and Republican Models- the bottom raw


Note The Crosses of 2nd and 3rd Class were the same size The difference is that the 2nd Class had  a Breast Star




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