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    I'm really having trouble understanding what this word means.  I have tried a number of sources and the few that offer definitions all offer "the regiment's goose".  Any and all help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance. 

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    Was is hand-written? A photo of the word could help.

    The word "Regimentsgans" is unknown to me (I am German...)

    One possibility could be, that a regiment used a goose as a mascot.

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    If it really is a goose then it must had been a mascot to the regiment. Reminds me of that ancient story where gooses warned the romans before the celtic warriors tried to conquer Rom. The romans were only able to defend the last hill and when the celtics attaked by night the gooses warned them so they could withhold their last stand. It happened 387 b.c. Maybe gooses had similar stories for that regiment? 

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    Thanks folks!  I was reading the history of Ulanen 19 and it mentioned the "Regimentsganz" as if everyone knew what that was.  Well, Ulanen 19 was from Ulm, at least at one point, so I guess pretty much everyone reading the regiment's history probably would have known about the "Regiment's goose, even if the goose had served with a different regiment ! Thank you again....  But now I have another question. 

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