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    New Publication on Egyptian Orders & Medals

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    In the last few weeks I came across this recent publication: Magdy Hanafy, 2023. Encyclopedia of Egyptian Protocol: Collars, Orders and Medals 1914-1953. Friends Group for Philately and Numismatics, Cairo. ISBN: 918-977-94-4509-0, 141 pages. It is a PUR binding, and I do fear it may begin to split after use and especially any scanning on a platen. It appears that this was just published in December, 2023. This quite comprehensive oversize volume has beautiful photos of all Royal Egyptian Orders and Medals during the Sultanate through the early Republic period. There are many additional features such as information on the Royal Divan, award documents, cases, manufacturers, hallmarking, military, and civilian uniforms, etc. The text is in both Arabic and English. I have only found the book available on eBay (a Cairo seller: https://www.ebay.com/itm/276220958858?hash=item40500d588a:g:df0AAOSwCldlfge3&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAABEBiDj6p5NuqkOuKGlvrzSFu2DQSevGynroouiveg0Y1fQExACybpg%2FaYxreP0tRGI49Wu3St738o3OLwImqyQTI4fkeJFDsdcA%2BhH8%2FI%2FBcy25HUslh05TgK1xecpe7nE46LAzJsCSx%2BW9idIzXXE36ZcnQhnLR%2BeXSq4oBvFEvzkrf7WPaOkgO%2FC%2FDP1dMTjJbS5z8XN56pxhfBG91nLj3G0dRaneuiQPOB5t8URHLHXfi%2FyyturrCMsEqGlPPtu9QdssbBuAIavvwzrQ0q0iSxFE0KpOBA%2BiCY8Q271WJjs1Gcvn4X2IfQxzKk8IOwEh2bexp7seEWSWIo%2BtGb2vRqkCpNMEyBNJnLv9dWi8MY|tkp%3ABk9SR9zQ8N6aYw, currently has ~10 new copies for US$ 150, plus taxes and shipping). I have contacted the author to see whether there is a more economical price through another venue and where else the book can be purchased. The author has principally published on Egyptian currency, coins, and tokens, but this is a comprehensive and very useful research volume on Egyptian Orders and Medals.




    Front cover of M. Hanafy 2023, English.




    “Back” cover of M. Hanafy 2023, Arabic.




    Table of Contents of Hanafy, 2023. 

    Edited by Rusty Greaves
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    Thanks for alerting the community of this new book, Rusty. Any new reference on Egyptian medals is most welcome.


    There is a brief overview of this book on this site dedicated mostly to Arabic numismatics and philately: https://arabcollector.com/موسوعة-المراسم-المصرية/ The site should have an English-language tab at the top, and if that doesn't work you can view the site through Google Chrome or run the text through Google Translate for a translation. The article doesn't give much additional information or page views, unfortunately.




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    Howdy Chris, 


    I have written the author, Magdy Hanafy, asking about any better price than the eBay source. I have not heard back from him, he may not read English. I have someone in my office who is going to Cairo in March and has expressed a willingness to bring home a few of these oversized/heavy volumes. However, I do not yet have an alternative source. 


    Is there anything you would particularly like to see that I could scan for you? 





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    Best of luck in hearing back from the author and with your colleague’s visit in March!


    Thanks very much for the offer. I’ll give it some thought.


    Judging from the table of contents, the sections on the Military Star, Medal of Duty, Palestine Medal, Order of Liberation, and “Civilian and Military Official Outfits” could be of most interest to me. In general, I’d be most interested in any information on the medals that hasn’t already been published in the official protocols or existing works - such as numbers awarded, stories of recipients, award documents, variations, and that sort of thing.




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    Further to receipt of a copy of the book I detail below a review.




    Encyclopedia of Egyptian Protocol: Collars, Orders, & Medals, 1914-1953


    Eng. Mandy Hanafi, 2023 - ISBN: 918-977-94-4509-0

    (Publisher - Friends Group for Philately and Numismatics, Cairo)


    Authoritative books on the awards of Egypt are scarce and until this book was published the only other references were the bilingual, Arabic and French ‘Protocol of the Kingdom of Egypt, Office of the Grand Chamberlain’, Government Publishing Service, Cairo, 1947 and the more recent Arabic language only, ‘Encyclopedia of Egyptian Necklaces, Badges and Orders, Sashes and Medals’ 2015, by Police Major General Sameh Abdulrahman Al-Laqani. Hanafi’s book is a most welcome addition to the library of Egyptian awards. This large format, softback 400 plus page book, is in Arabic and English and is extensively illustrated. Whilst not containing a list of contents – such are referred to in an index, the chapters are as follows:


    ·         Chapter 1       The Emergence and Development of Decorations in Egypt, pages 17-79, being a historical resume from ancient times to the abolition of the monarchy in 1953, including definitions of terms.

    ·         Chapter 2 – A detailed listing of all awards, pages 81-274, including instituting laws and multiple illustrations and explanatory narratives, pages 81-274. The Arabic laws are detailed in full whilst the English translations are resumes. The illustrated breakdowns of the constituent parts of each award and detailed translation of medallic inscriptions is excellent.

    ·         Chapter 3       A miscellaneous chapter, pages 277-409, containing details of the Royal Divan or Court; Banners; Decree; Palace Protocol; Military & Civil ranks; Military & Civilian uniforms; the Manufacture and manufacturers of awards; Varieties of Arabic script (calligraphy); Calligraphers; Monograms; Chamberlain & Court Badges of Office; Royal wedding badges, Certificates; Hallmarks; Judicial, Senate and House of Representatives badges.


    Such a book is to be recommended to all who have an interest in the awards of the Kingdom and the author’s attention to detail is to be commended. Whilst having some experience in the study of Egyptian awards there was much that was new to me and some key takeaways included the distinction between the awards of the Sultanate of Egypt and the Kingdom of Egypt – the change in design of the Medals of Duty and Merit; the varieties of the 1948 Palestine War Medal and the institution by 1953 Royal Decree of the Order of the Star of Liberation and the Medal of the Star of Liberation.


    Some constructive suggestions for a future edition would include a request that it be published in hardback with a formal contents page. The English text whilst currently more than adequate would benefit from being reviewed by a native English speaker. Such an edition would also benefit from expansion to include further details concerning the awards of the Khedivate – especially the 1892 Khedive Abbas Hilmi Accession Medal and the 1913 Abbas Hilmi Bravery Medal. Further awards, which admittedly are not government awards could include - Fuad I Ambulance Union Medal, 1933 Commemorative Medal for the 50th Anniversary of the National Court, 1937 Farouk Coronation Medal, 1945 Mosquito Eradication Medal, 1947 Cholera Epidemic Medal and Royal Red Crescent Society Medal.


    All in all the book is a wealth of information with excellent illustrations and photographs. The author is to be congratulated on his research. I would again recommend the book to all who have an interest in the Kingdom of Egypt.

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    Sounds interesting...


    The author might find it worth exploring Print on Demand options as international shipping is so overpriced these days. A PDF version might also be advantageous, readilly sent direct to purchasers.

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    Thank you Megan, Rusty & Chris. One word of caution - if you order the book please ensure that the seller wraps it well - mine arrived in a covering of cling film within its courier's plastic bag - the spine of the book had been damaged by dropping - adequate padding/packaging would have avoided this. As to the price $150 - yes, expensive, plus an extra $50 for shipping thus $200! I would have preferred cheaper and no doubt there is a mark up on both, but no sight of any other source............Owain 

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    I just received my copy of this book the other day, and all I can say is, wow, well done. If you’re serious about Egyptian/Arab/Middle Eastern orders and medals, this book absolutely deserves a place on your shelf. Several questions which had dogged me for decades were immediately answered during a quick skim through it.

    The text is nearly 50-50 English and Arabic, the printing and photo quality are excellent, it’s well-bound. There are a few typographical errors I noticed, which could have been easily corrected, but they don’t detract. I asked the Ebay seller to make sure it was packaged securely, and — even though it was only slightly more well-packed that Owain’s description above (my copy was plastic-wrapped and placed inside a paper shopping bag inside the DHL plastic bag), it arrived in very good condition.

    Yes, it’s expensive, but arguably worth it for some people.


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