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    Hi ,

    I have a 1957 sewn on ribbon bar and a 1957 uniform which came from the same man and belong together , i can see the outline of the bar on the jacket .

    Should i sew the ribbon bar back onto the jacket ?

    Hi Grant,

    Personally I wouldn't have a problem with the proposed "repair" in this case. I'd be interested at your guess as to why the ribbon bar was removed in the first place! I hope you can source the same type of thread (I assume there are thread remnants on the ribbon bar) and that when you went to sell it you would tell the prospective new owner the history.



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    Guest Rick Research

    Probably taken off for laundering-- which is always the problem with sew ons. When they are NOT removed for cleaning, they end up all bent and wiggly. :( I have a number of Imperial and Third Reich "caterpillar" ribbon bars! :cheeky:

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    Thanks for the input !

    The uniform and bar belonged to Martin Steglich , i got the Bar off our own Gordon Williamson about 2-3 years ago then i got his visor cap , tunic and trouser,s of Gordon last year .

    Here is the bar ( it features in Gordon,s iron cross book ) :

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    • 1 month later...

    Beatifull ribbon bar, here is a photo of Martin Steglich wearing it on his Bundeswehr uniform.

    Thanks for showing that pic !

    The bar he is wearing here is a pin on one and the tunic is a different one to the one i had .

    Edited by Grant Broadhurst
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