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    To finish I will post one document to Knight cross with swords of the House order of Hohenzollern to one officier in R.I.R. Nr. 109. Leutnant Otto Ochel and the ribbon bar.

    This officer received :





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    That is a really nice Baden Veteran badge. Would love to have one in my collection! I would think that Ralph would like it as well if he don't have one already. I have a couple Baden Veteran items in route and will post once I get them. Nice! Mike

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    Christophe.. it looks like the medals were never even mounted on the bar! Are there hooks tucked underneath the wrapped ribbons? Should be easy enough to get originals to restore it. The only real question would be what went on the Austrian "war" ribbon?? Any evidence of medals having been sewn-in once upon a time?

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    Hi Christophe.. it looks like it would be easy enough to simply slip replacements onto the bar. Just tuck them into the folds in the center. if you are handy, you might even be able to sew them in. I do not see any harm in this type of retoration/repair as long as original pieces are used.

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