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    Comrade Colonel Ivan Kirillovich Nedashkovsky

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    Research is in on my "Mirror Back" ORB:

    Nedashkovsky, Ivan Kirillovich

    born 4 April 1911 village of Goraditsche, Andrushovsky Raion, Zhitomirsky Oblast

    Ukrainian, higher education. Member of the Komsomol 1931 and # 8,101,537 of the CPSU 1939.

    bookkeeper, 1 class at Mechanical Trade School 1928

    Tomsk Artillery School 1937, evening courses at University of Marxism-Leninism 1948

    Wife Nadeshda Sergeevna Nedashkovna born 1921. Sons Vladimir b. 1939 and Anatoly b. 1940.

    Served in Red Army 3 November 1933 to 2 December 1958:

    Lieutenant 22.8.37

    Senior Lieutenant 28.3.39

    Captain 14.7.42

    Major 20.1.43

    Lieutenant Colonel 21.8.47

    Colonel 18.12.51

    His official photo:

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    Details from his service record:

    3.11.33 Red Army Private 9th Independent Artillery-Transport Battalion DVK

    17.10.34 Cadet at Tomsk Artillery School

    22.8.37 Cadet Platoon Commander, Tomsk Artillery School

    6.12.38 Cadet Battery Commander, Tomsk Artillery School

    27.12.39 Deputy Commander of Cadet Battery, Tomsk Artillery School

    9.12.40 Cadet Battery Commander, Tomsk Artillery School

    27.5.42 Battalion Commander 826th Art Rgt, 282nd Rifles Div (he served on Northwest Front April 1942 to May 1943, lightly wounded and concussed 17.1.42 at village of ?Lyalino?, Leningradsky Oblast)

    18.12.43 Deputy Commander of Cadet Battalion, Tomsk Artillery School

    24.10.45 Teacher on Artillery Staff of 1st Tomsk ?Order of the Red Star? Artillery School

    12.3.46 In position of Commander of Instructional Department, 1st Tomsk Artillery School

    16.11.46 Deputy Commander of Instructional Dept., 1st Tomsk Artillery School

    28.8.47 Senior Officer of Instructional Department, 1st Tomsk Artillery School

    27.8.49 Commander of Instructional Units for Lieutenants? Courses, 1st Tomsk Artillery School

    28.2.50 at disposal of Commander of 10th Department, 2nd Main Administration of the General Staff of the Armed Forces ( = ??? but strange Red Star awarded in this period-- ??? Korea??? secret stuff???)

    19.6.52 Commander of Cadet Battalion, Guards Kaliningradsky Mortar Artillery School

    1.12.54 to 19.1.55 Student at Central Artillery Courses for Improvement of Staff Officers (KUOS)

    15.10.55 graduated Central Artillery KUOS

    18.10.55 at disposal of Commander of forces, Baltic Military District

    17.11.55 Senior Instructor in the Military Faculty, Kaunas Polytechnic Institute

    29.3.56 Instructor in the Military Faculty, Tartus City University, Estonian SSR

    30.9.58 at disposal of Commander of forces, Baltic Military District

    2.12.58 discharged to the reserves at Tartus RVK, Estonian SSR.

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    Order of the Red Banner #16,265 per Northwest Front decree 24.7.42 (with citation)

    His Red Banner screwback was for something (VERY horrid scribbly handwritten, alas) end of May 1942 around a place called Azotov, blowing up 4 somethings, 3 mortars, and 200 Germans as commander of the 1st Battalion (almost never seen an actual WHICH battalion or company!) of 826th Artillery Regiment, 282nd Rifles Division. Fairly typical of the early citations, text is...rather laconic and sparce.

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    And the record page. Unfortunately, BOTH Red Stars were misplaced by the seller of the group. Who months later still could not produce the correct original pieces. I am still very pleased to have what's here.

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    The thing that really appealed to me about this group is the fact that despite the regulations change, he never altered his original S/B ORB... simply had a blank ORB ribbon on his medal bar to mount his S/B carefully below. This can be seen on his original, 1950's medal bar as well as on the photo in his service record!!

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    And his awards:

    Order of the Red Banner #16,265 per Northwest Front decree 24.7.42 (with citation)

    Military Merit Medal 1,780,463 on 3.11.44 (long service) (with citation)

    Order of the Red Star 2,846,846 on 20.6.49 (long service) (with Ukaz)

    Order of the Red Star # not given on separate ARC per Ukaz ?for services rendered? 27.12.51 (with Ukaz)

    Order of the Red Banner #401,385 on 3 .11.53 (long service)(with Ukaz)

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    its not much, but here is, what i have about the 282nd Rifle Division:

    The 282nd Rifle Division was formed from early July to 20. August 1941 at Yuriev-Polskii in the Moscow Military District with:

    872nd Rifle Regiment

    874th Rifle Regiment

    877th Rifle Regiment

    826th Artillery Regiment

    Although it probably started forming around 10. July like the rest of the divisions numbered 270-290, the 282nd didn?t get a division commander assigned until 20. August, almost six weeks later and after the partially-formed unit had already been moved west from its original formation area (over 100 km northeast of Moscow) to Starodub, where it arrived on 15. August in the Bryansk Front-which was itself still forming. By 1. September the division was assigned to the 3rd Army in the Bryansk Front, and it remained in that army until after the german "Typhoon" offensive struck Bryansk Front at the end of September. Altough the divsion survived the encirclement battles near Bryansk, and was still carried in the 3rd Army Order of Battle on 1. November, there wasn?t much left of the 282nd RD by then. From 1. October to 15. November the average rifle division in Bryansk Front went from 10.000 men to 2.500 men, and the 282nd was apparently even smaller, because by 18. November it had dissapeared from the 3rd Army and Bryansk Front composition. Officially, the division was disbanded on 27. December, about six weeks after it ceased to be a combat-effective unit.



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    Guest Rick Research

    If anybody knows what the "10th Department, 2nd Main Administration of the General Staff of the Armed Forces" was, that would explain what Nedashkovsky was actually up to 1950-52. I suspect it might have had something to do with weapons testing/procurement, if he and the others in the very small Ukaz of 27.12.51 were not then in Korea.

    "Guards Mortars" units in WW2 were the famous "Screaming Meemee" Katyushka multiple rocket launchers, but what armament such units were equipped with in 1952, I have no clue. The change in his assignment to such a unit immediately after his Unexplained Duties may be significant.

    He is now the third full Colonel I've seen researched here in recent days to have gotten the heave-ho at what now looks like "7 years in grade and no promotion to General--out you go" automatic discharge.

    Given the geriatric creep that would follow under Brezhnev, with generals on duty long past normal retirement age, this excessive zeal to rid the Soviet armed forces--even before Khruschev's ruthless February 1960 "budgetary" purge-- seems like an enormous waste of young, experienced command officers.

    I am having trouble with his wartime Red Banner citation-- it looks like it was written on a rock in the field and is VERY bad handwriting. More scans will follow!

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    Hi stogieman,

    Excellent group, my congratulations. It's really hard to find mirror reverse RB in such a wonderful condition. Especially with a document. I've seen this group on Markov's website.

    Could you post his award citation card?

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    Greetings Alex, thank you for your kind words. I was pretty disappointed with the loss of the stars, but I agree... a documented mirror-back was pretty hard to find. If you're only going to have one, this would be the way to go. I have hope, perhaps (maybe with divine intervention) the stars might be found... I am patient.

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    My real name is Andrew or Andrei in Russian. I should agree that using a pseudonim could cause some difficulties. But as long as I can see many people on the Forum use pseudonims as well ;)

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    Guest Rick Research

    Well, for the "googlespiders." As long as everyone remembers that I am the Good Ricky and stogie is the Evil Ricky everything works out. Don't believe HIM because... he's eeeeeevil. :rolleyes:

    GOOD Ricky reads Russian (if not horrible scribbly blurred Russian)/ EVIL Ricky can't. :cat:

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