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Russian Soldiers Awards to Romanian Soldiers

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St. George Medal "For Bravery" 4th class

-- to soldier (private ? ) Zaharia Aleku , Seret Rgt #11

"for Bravery and Galantry 1-16.12.1916 "

St. George Crosses 4th class :

-- to Demetre Jean ( Ioan Dumitrescu from 1st Rosiori Regiment ? ) 1877 y.

-- to Kerciu Gheorge unter-officer of 18 Rgt "Gorj" for Battle on Porkului near


-- to Pecelea Spiru unter-officer of 7 Rgt "Prahova" for gallantry 25-31.07.1917

-- to Mishka Saviu (in Russ. archive "podpraporzsik") of 32 Rgt for bravery

near Doaga and Prisake 24.07 - 2.08.1917

-- to Gheorgesku D. feuerverker of 19 Rgt of hard artillery ( 105-mm divizion)

for Doage and Prisake too .

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Group of awards of Romanian officier

Hallo Igor :beer: Great Bar :jumping::jumping::love:

Looks like the Legion of Honor is damaged as well, not uncommon for Romanian medal bars, they often got rough handeling during communist times, can you give me a little history on the bar please and can I see a picture of the reverse of the Romanian victory medal to detirmine which type it is?

and what dates are to the rear of the Romanian Cross of War with the battlebars??

Kevin in Deva :beer:

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help please !!! :beer:

I'll help you with the translation:

"The Order of the Crown, knight class with swords, was awarded to 2nd Lieutenant Chiritescu Stefan from 30th Regiment Muscel, for the bravure and skill he showed when he commanded his company during the fighting on Marghiloman Hill."

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The document for the Order of the Star:

"Captain Chiritescu Stefan is awarded the Order of the Star, knight, with ribbon for military virtue, for the bravure and skill with which he led his company during the fighting on the Pig's Hill (Hill 528), during 16-21 August 1917. He stayed with his men at all times and repulsed after a bloody combat the 12 assaults made by the enemy, who wanted to break the front lines at this point. He was wounded in action 3 times on 21 August 1917 but stayed with his men, continuing to command his unit until nightfall."

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The other documents are not very relevant. The first one simply confirms that he was awarded the Russian Order of St. Anne, 3rd Class, while the small document confirms that he received the bravery ribbon for his service in WW1.

As for his Order of Michael the Brave, he received it by Royal Decree no. 849/11 July 1917, "for the courage with which he led his company during the fierce combat on 11-15 June 1917, when he enveloped the Southern flank of the Manastioara Hill, forcing the enemy to abandon the position and capturing 2 officers, 150 soldiers and many weapons. He showed the same military qualities during the battles of Racoasa and Serei Valley."

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