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    Bob has created an ultimate safe storage environment here which is predicated upon the unique storage requirements in the North West.

    I live it the South West and the requirements here are drastically different. Perhaps we can get a thread going on the unique requirements of the different geographical areas.


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    I just prefer to have them out of the scabbard.

    The junk that is in the scabbard can cause problems with the blades.

    There is always a chance of more runner marks or even scratching of the mottos. let alone damage to etching or personell dedications.

    On top of that, i get a smile everytime I open the drawers :) which happens almost daily..

    Edited by Bob Rodgers
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    Guest Brian von Etzel

    Looks like a 'smart' cabinet. Nice oak on the outside of the drawers and the inside appear to be made of materials that won't 'off gas'.

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    Yes they are made to resist any damage.

    The outside wood is Solid Red Oak.

    It took two guys and a hand cart to move them. If i have to guess they would be about 250 lbs.

    I had them custom made , the size? 5 foot long , two foot deep and 4 foot high

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